Pet and Owner of the Month ‘Sarah Menzies with Mr Ollie’

Sarah and Ollie having some special time
Love is a Cat’s World

 Introducing Sarah and her four legged little man Ollie.

 I’ve asked Sarah to answer a few questions on how she feels Ollie would respond and then I’ve chatted with Ollie and got his answers. Hmmmm let’s find out how this goes…….

S          Sarah

O         Ollie

1.     What’s your favourite thing to do in the morning?

S          I’d like to think it was coming to give me a cuddle but for some reason I get the feeling that he’s just killing time until I get up, feed him and then either play with him or take him outside. So yes, I’d say playing and/or going outside is his favourite thing to do in the morning.

 O         Well, my job is to wake mummy up and get her organised for her day. She seems confused 1st thing in the morning so I try to wake her up nicely and then we do our jobs. But my favourite in the morning is when mummy is up and awake and talking to me. Once she is awake she tells me lots of things. She likes to make me feel special.

2.     Who is the boss at home, mummy or daddy, perhaps you Ollie?

S          Mummy! But Ollie probably thinks its Ollie… And he may just be right!

O         I’m the boss with mummy but sometimes she doesn’t listen and I let her know that I’m not happy. When daddy is here, well that’s a different story.

3.      Do you and mummy understand each other?

S          Yes, most of the time I think. I feel like I can understand what he wants and needs by a range of different things – my intuition, his verbal vocalisations and his body language. There are some times though, that Ollie can become nervous or scared for what seems like no reason, and that is one thing I struggle to understand. Ollie is originally from a shelter and I don’t know his background before he came to me, so sometimes I think maybe he came from a scary environment. When I brought him home for the first time, his ears were full of a charcoal like substance! He knew from the moment I met him that I was going to be his mum and he loves my partner Dan too, but he is very shy of everyone else which is another thing I don’t understand. Our other cat Bosco is the complete opposite!

O         Yes, mummy understands me and I know she tries to do what I ask but mummy is so busy all the time and I would like her to spend more time at home. Mummy’s job and my job are to look after each other and I like it.

I asked him about Bosco and his daddy

O         Bosco is not as clever as me and I think mummy knows this. Daddy tries to understand me but mummy is SOOO PATIENT. She thinks I’m beautiful.

4.     Where’s your favourite place to sleep?

S          On my bed. He also loves his Pei Pod and his Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed

O         Where ever I want. Mummy has made me special spots at home and I like them but I like knowing that I can sleep anywhere I feel like.

5.     What don’t you like mummy doing?

S          I often find it hard to relax and sit still and I think that bothers him. Also he doesn’t like it when I talk loud (he has hyper-sensitive hearing), and spend time on the computer when I should be spending time with him

O         I don’t like it when mummy is stressed (he doesn’t say stressed but is giving the sensation of being stressed or having a lot to do). I try to teach mummy to be still and relax but she doesn’t listen to me and I let her know that I get annoyed by this. I like it when mummy is grounded, then she is always connected to me.

6.     What do you do that makes mummy melt?

S          At the end of every day when I walk through the door he lies on his back and shows me his belly and invites me to give it a good rub. This makes me melt every time! I also melt when he sits on me, purrs, looks at me with half closed eyes and lets out soft little squeaky “meh”s – so cute!!
O         Mummy thinks I’m beautiful and so handsome. I show her how handsome I am and she always comes and cuddles me. I like this. I feel very special and very loved.

7.     What are you always telling mummy?

S          To come and play or to take him outside. He tells me he loves me sometimes too. Or at least I think he does :o)

O         I like to tell mummy that I love her because she is very special. I like mummy to listen to what I want but most of I try telling mummy to be calm. I even teach her that by making her stroke my belly. She forgets everything but me then.

I think we can gather from this little interview that Ollie is mummy’s little boy and I’m not sure who has who wrapped around their little paw!



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